Mission & Vision


Montfort Spirituality Centre aims at the realistic and faith-based integration of psycho-social and spiritual dimensions of human personality. Profoundly rooted in the Montfortian spiritual heritage and grounded in the Indian cultural tradition, the Centre facilitates an inner journey process in order to evolve an integrated approach to the awareness and promotion of the beauty and grandeur of the human person. It recognizes the human predicament in the fast changing social scenario and the human need for peace and tranquility which can be achieved through prayer, meditation, counseling and psychotherapy. Besides, the Centre imparts the spiritual intuitions and practices that help awareness and wholeness of the divinity in the human person.


To help men and women who are in search of a meaning for their life inviting them for an inward journey into themselves to gain awareness of the beauty and divinity of the human person so as to manifest the same in their external world.